Identify Your Prospective Customers and Increase Your Sales Metrics.

Quick Click Contact, LLC

You’re definitely looking for a cost-effective method to increase your Sales metric. Right?

Yes, you’re in a right place. Quick Click Contact offers you a Targeted list of Prospects, Sales Leads, Email Marketing Leads, Telemarketing Leads, Residential Leads, as well as a great deal of other information that will assist you in finding new customers throughout the United States and elsewhere. We’ve an experienced sales team, which is able to assist you in attracting new customers to your business.

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  • All of our data is human-verified and accurate to the maximum capacity.
  • According to the feedback from customers, the bounce rate is as low as 2-3% only.
  • The data are instantaneously made manually and can be customized, but they are not stocked.
  • A delivery period of no more than 48 hours, data of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.
  • Your payment will only be subject to the successful delivery of confirmed data.
  • No restrictions on the number of times changes may be made, and no minimum on order requirements.

Client Reviews

Over one hundred of our customers in the United States, Canada, and Australia have expressed satisfaction with our work and have given us positive feedback. That inspires us to keep going, and the hope that we will make progress accelerates our pace. Additionally, our best wishes are sent to every one of our customers.

10 Years+

Over the last 10 years, we have built a solid working relationship with a good reputation.

The company is run by skilled people with 5 star reviews

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We make it easier for our wonderful customers to make decisions by providing them with 50 free leads, which they may use anyway they see fit. If you are happy with the services that we have provided, then please contact us by Skype, WhatsApp, or email. We have customer support available around the clock, and a representative will answer any questions you may have.

We gather data from a wide variety of sources, some of which are free and some of which require payment, such as the Landing Profile, Facebook group, Twitter group, LinkedIn page and Group, and other premium sources.

The foundation of our business is founded on honesty and reliability. As a result, the trust that our customers have placed towards us is reciprocated by the trust that we have placed in them. On the other hand, we make use of a variety of paid tools in order to validate every piece of data that we provided.

Currently, we accept only US bank transfer. However, we are in the process of integrating all other market-available payment gateways (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Wise etc.)

We create leads from a diverse assortment of sources, some of which are free of charge, while others involve a payment of some type. Our team comprises a number of experienced individuals that are proficient in a variety of lead generation technologies and methods. On the other hand, we do not violate any international laws in the process of collecting personal information.

We need some basic information or criteria to understand your target Audience. Type of Companies ( B2B, B2C, Manufacturing, Retail ) Industry: (Real estate, Plumbers, Lawyers, etc.) Location: (City/Country) Titles: ( C-Level, Marketing, Operations)

Why you should
hire us?

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